Rodents indigenous to North Carolina include the Deer mouse, House mouse, White-footed mouse, the Cotton rat, Norway rat and Black rat (among other common names).

The rodents’ biology and habits can make them a challenge for control and they can present a serious problem in the form of damage to the home. If you find you are in need of rodent control, below you will find some information you should know:

Mice will invade your home in search of food of course and water and warmth. They commonly seem to be seen in multitudes as the weather cools and are coming inside in search of that food and warmth. Each mouse can contaminate considerably more food than it actually eats through their urine and feces.

Rats are wary of new things to their environment, including new rat control measures such as traps or baits. They typically will colonize in dark areas like attics, burrows, under porches and concrete and in wall voids or other hard to access spaces.

Both species of rodent are rapid breeders and often breed year round maintaining a high population through their constant reproduction.

They are capable of squeezing into or through areas seemingly much too small for them. Sealing holes in and around pipes is highly recommended as well as another other holes and/or cracks.